How it Works

How It Works

Although it seems relatively simple – its not! We built the program to do all the work that would take you hours and even days to accomplish.

  • Register and create an account.
  • Enter employees, staff, personnel, family members, neighbors and friends in the MUM system.
  • Users will receive login credentials to enter into the smartphone app they download for FREE.
  • Everyone is then securely connected.

The program will work in both an office and mobile environments in case you need to evacuate the workplace or establishment.

It’s great for offsite employees too where traditional methods of emergency communications is not available.

Once you have started using the program, all that is required is to open the web program, type or speak what you want the employees to know and do and hit send – within seconds employees will receive the secure notification and act accordingly.

You just can't get that kind of results with email, SMS or public announcement!

As the local Sponsor you will be offering and providing this service for your community to make it safer.


Download the Mobile Update Me App from you App Store

Open it....

Then call 505 366 7972 and ask for the demo login credentials. Once logged in the Alerts History Page will show a few examples of the programs capability.

If you decide to keep the MUM App on your device you'll occationally get new updates as we add them to our demo account.