What does MUM stand for?
It is the abbreviation for www.mobileupdate.me

Why is the program free?
A local Sponsor has purchased the rights to provide this service to his/her community as a way to pay it forward and make the community a lot safer.

How Secure are the Updates and Emergency Alerts?
MUM uses 256K-bit SSL encryption on all of its webpages for a robust and secure environment.

Who will send out the emergency alerts?
If the Alert is about your local environment like work then most likely your employer will. However, your Sponsor has the ability to send Alerts out to the whole community if they choose. These Alerts will usually involve emergencies and announcements that the community will benefit from.

Will it always be free?
Yes, as long as the Sponsor wants to provide it to your community. So don’t forget to thank them!

Can I be a Sponsor for my Community?If its available and without a Sponsor. If you’re interested in learning more use the contact form on the home page to inquire.

How far will it work?
As far as a smart device (smartphone and/or tablet) has a data network connection. Across the hall, street, town, state, country or even the world.

Does it cost to use the App and Program?
If you are not the Sponsor then there is no charge for using the program. The mobile app is free and cost nothing to download or use. However, carrier data charges may be incurred so check with your carrier

Can I use video with the program?
You can use its HTML capability to send links to most anything on the web including video, PDF, Docs, web etc.

What makes your program more secure than email and SMS Text?
Because we use “Push” technology and communications is being delivered through the carriers digital data network – not the old voice network. The carriers want to maintain a much more robust, secure and Spam free network.

What can I use the program for?
Special Events
Charitable Events
Weather Updates
Emergency Information
School Closings
Special Interests
School Activities - games, plays & events
New Business Openings
Link to local TV and Radio Stations
Link to Newspaper
Link to City Hall for Meetings, Election Activities (debates, results, etc.) - Video & Audio
Link to YouTube, Vimeo or Streaming Video Providers
Link to Community Directories

Who can use the program?
Any company, church, establishment, etc. that has a commitment to provide a safer environment to those in and associated with its members.

Can the program send out singular or Peer to Peer Alerts?

How mobile is the program?
The program can be accessed using any remote internet connected device. So if an evacuation is necessary this communication program won’t be interrupted.

What mobile devices will it work with?
Right now the two biggest – Apple IOS and Android.