About Us

Mobile Update . Me (MUM) was developed as a LOCALLY MANAGED quick, secure and private method of delivering emergency, disaster and communications to everyone in the community. We just want to offer the best possible municipal communications solution at a price point that excites you! 

Imagine broadcasting an emergency notification to everyone in your community and have it delivered directly to their smart device (phone and/or tablet) immediately.

Employees will know what’s happening, where to go, when it’s safe to move, and when the emergency is over and hopefully, its safe to come out.

This program was developed with both the employer and employee in the initial design. We wanted to offer something that can be initiated immediately so you’re more protected then you were yesterday if THAT emergency arises. Empathy for employees or anyone experiencing an emergency - what is going on out there, what do I do, am I safe, are my peers safe, how long will it take, are there safety personnel on site? Just think about the emotional roller coaster of being in that type of a situation. We built that empathy portion into our program so communications is just a push away. If we can save one life and make one person feel better than that’s worth the cost of the service!