Having the ability to communicate directly, securely, privately and immediately with staff, employees, neighbors, friends and the community during an emergency is priceless! Today, most companies and establishments including schools are missing the VERY MOST IMPORTANT part of their emergency and disaster plans – DIRECT COMMUNICATIONS!

As a business leader you owe it to your community to consider and provide the very tool that will deliver emergency and disaster communications to anyone associated with businesses, churches, schools and any establishment FREE. As a Chamber of Commerce and/or a Sponsor of the local MUM program just invite any establishment to use the program. Each establishment enters their staff, members, personnel, associates and family members into network to be notified of emergency situation.

The program and the mobile app is FREE to everyone in your community. FREE meaning nothing, nada, niente, nichts, rien, or 何も.

To learn more about sponsoring this exciting opportunity, see it work and ask questions - please use the contact form above and we’ll get back to you quickly. Because emergencies and disasters happen everyday. How prepared is your community and do you have a moral responsibility to protect those if you had the opportunity to do so?